General Practice

You will always need a specialized GP accountant?

Time is of short supply in any business. If you have enough unproductive hours available then there is something fundamentally flawed in the business. Businesses rely on their practice managers to undertake most of the work the principals do not have the time to do. Not all managers are competent enough to do what is required or even make sense of what is needed. We work with every member of your team to make sure that the practice runs smoothly and appropriate financial data is extracted to aid in the smooth running of the practice and also to provide adequate measures of any inefficient activities and shortfalls.

As a firm of specialist Accountants we will be able to identify areas of concerns, shortfalls, underperformance and also high achievement areas with great ease. We are able to give you advice on all aspects of your practice from taxation, human resources, extraction of financial information, compliance with NHS requirements.

Why pay more tax than you have to?

Why pay more when you can pay less LEGALLY. Want to retain more of your earnings? We can help you. We will operate inside the requirements of HMRC and NHS to make sure you are fully compliant with all regulations and requirements. You will NEVER step outside the law. Specializing in tax legislation along with extensive hours spent and continuously being spent on investigating such legislation the most effective tax planning is always delivered.

We also offer complimentary checkups on your practice. We will investigate all operations and provide bench marking information to make operations more profitable and efficient for the future.

This also allows us to get an insight as to how the practice is working and then we can offer a tailored service which include some of our normal services and many more such as:

  • Practice accounts, tax returns and self assessment
  • Practice set up and assistance with all aspects of practice management
  • Staff training and development
  • Opportunities for tax relief and tax planning
  • Keeping up to date with changes within the NHS and also private practice
  • Completion of superannuation certificates
  • Payroll services
  • Retirement planning including IHT planning

The industry is changing at a very fast pace which means your operations at all levels have to be at the highest levels to remain competitive and also fully compliant. We only want to offer you a services that is beyond what you wish and encompass you with the tools, resources and knowledge you require to carry on succeeding in your business.

We are confident that you will find our fees highly competitive and our service exceptional. This is because we only offer a fixed price from the outset. Our prices are fixed across all industries as this allows you to know where you stand as our client. This also allows freedom and peace of mind when you wish to contact us. Do you ever feel scared or worried when you want to ask your accountant a question that you will be charged? Well with us you don’t have to, call us every day, see us every day, send us numerous emails you will NEVER be charged extra. We like our clients to feel comfortable when contacting us. As accountants we have your business best interests in mind at all times and if you cannot talk to us then who will you talk to?