You will always need a specialized Pharmacy accountant?

Our services are tailored to each client. Everyone’s needs differ in many ways. Some pharmacies are larger than others some are more intricate due to the nature of NHS contract they are operating under. There are so many factors to consider both within and out of practice when designing an appropriate tax planning strategy and also providing meaningful financial data.

On this principal our services are continuously tailored and adapted to your needs. Our knowledge and expertise are utilised to their maximum potential when bringing you the bespoke service you require.
Our service include amongst others for both Pharmacy Surgeries and the principal(s) along with the Locum’s:

  • How to maximize your tax deductible expenses
  • The best ways to grow your practice and how to finance it efficiently.
  • How to avoid problems with the regulatory bodies including NHS and HMRC.
  • Tax planning on succession such as CGT relief and maximization of EIS relief, IHT planning and business takeover
  • Payroll services
  • Preparation of your annual accounts
  • Preparation of personal and business tax returns and submission to the Inland Revenue
  • Advice on tax liabilities, payments and national insurance refunds
  • Advice on superannuation and pension planning
  • Advice on purchasing a practice including valuations and financing

  • Negotiating new NHS contracts and alterations to existing contracts
  • Computer book-keeping systems and maintenance of records
  • Practice expansion
  • Planning for retirement
  • VAT planning and completion of monthly returns.

Why pay more when you can pay less LEGALLY. Want to retain more of your earnings? We can help you. We will operate inside the requirements of HMRC and NHS to make sure you are fully compliant with all regulations and requirements. You will NEVER step outside the law. Specialising in tax legislation along with extensive hours spent and continuously being spent on investigating such legislation the most effective tax planning is always delivered.

We are confident that you will find our fees highly competitive and our service exceptional. This is because we only offer a fixed price from the outset. Our prices are fixed across all industries as this allows you to know where you stand as our client. This also allows freedom and peace of mind when you wish to contact us. Do you ever feel scared or worried when you want to ask your accountant a question that you will be charged? Well with us you don’t have to, call us every day, see us every day, send us numerous emails you will NEVER be charged extra. We like our clients to feel comfortable when contacting us. As accountants we have your business best interests in mind at all times and if you cannot talk to us then who will you talk to?